Partnership Development

No More Class

30 Jul , 2019  

I can’t believe it! time has been flying by. It was only three years ago that Megan and I enrolled in a one-year Diploma of Ministry. Which at the time thought would take a lifetime… Well, that went by so incredibly quickly that I enrolled in the Bachelor’s program. I’m now at the end of the degree with mixed feelings. It feels good to know that it won’t be all that long till we get to begin engaging in ministry. But my time here at BST has been a wonderful blessing and Megan and I have made some friends for life. As a result, we will be sad to leave, not that we’re leaving just yet… But the fact that I have finished my last class does signal the beginning of the end of an era.

Megan and I are anxiously looking forward to the next several months. As we transition our focus to building partners and prepare to pack up our young and growing family, we are aware that there will be many challenges to overcome. In addition to finishing assessment off, I will need to find some part-time work to sustain us while we develop our base of supporters.

please continue to pray for Megan and I as we juggle our various commitments as well as our family


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