Grandys Covid Update

29 Apr , 2020  

Like many things, all our small group meetings and a number of church mission spots, and a sermon that has been lined up had to been cancelled. Praise God Daniel will be preaching later this month via an online platform at our home church Forest Lake Baptist Church. Whist these opportunities have been cancelled, Daniel has taken this an opportunity to increase his work hours.
Megan has personally felt like she has been operating in ‘survival mode’ for a considerable amount of this lock-down period, especially the first couple weeks when the restrictions were ramped up and like many families with young children she found herself asking questions like, “what will this look for us as a family and what am I going to do to entertain the kids in lock-down!” All her go too “let’s get out, have some fun plans” are not able to be done at the moment so Megan has had to get creative and think of other ways in which she and this kids can enjoy days at home. 
William is now 11 months old and has started walking this past couple of weeks. Sophia has started to increase her vocab and is now speaking in sentences more and has started to spell short words eg. Hot / Cold, cat dog etc.

Praise: Thank God for Daniel’s extra work hours and the finances it provides. Thank God for the opportunity to preach, please pray for Daniel as preaching via an online platform will be a new experience. Please also pray that God would speak through Daniel despite the difficulties of using online media and not being face to face. Praise God for the developmental milestones for Sophia and William. Please pray that they continue to grow and develop just as God has intended them to. 

Prayer: Please pray for Megan’s sanity as she and the kids are stuck at home. Please pray that Megan will be able to think of fun and creative things to do with Sophia and William during this crazy period. Please pray for ideas and opportunities for raising partner and supporter during this unusual period of isolation.


Daniel and Megan Grandemange


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