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1 Mar , 2020  

The Need. During our year in Thailand, Megan and I were involved in the South Thailand Adventure Ministries, led by Jeff Callow. One of the central activities of the ministry is rock climbing. For several years the team has been wanting to get some of the leaders qualified as guides to ensure the team are using the highest possible safety standards, for the sake of the campers and for the sake of the Gospel. We desire that all of the camps provide a positive witness to Christ and that our conduct would bring glory to God. 

The Good News. In late January, Jeff and I were struggling to find a time that we could get on a training course before he had to return to Thailand in the middle of the year. Praise be to God that while on the phone to the organisation they agreed to put on a special course just for the two of us, though it had to be in Mt Arapiles Victoria… and we had two weeks to be there and ready! Well, we made it and returned this past week after an exhausting month of preparations and training, before then driving to western Victoria and commencing our official training and testing.

Jeff and I spent eight days at the mountain spending as many hours as possible on the rock. Most afternoons after finishing with our instructors we went out just the two of us to practice what we learnt that day. The course confirmed many of the practices we had already been using on the South Thailand Adventure Camps, but we also learnt many new safe and efficient ways of running abseil and rock climbing activities. These activities create an atmosphere of change, challenges and perceived risk; this atmosphere is helpful when challenging peoples worldview and beliefs. 

Thank you. Thank the Lord for making a way where there was not one, for strength, for safety while training on the rock and while travelling on the road. Thank you to the supporters who made this training possible. 

Where to now, since returning to Brisbane, Jeff and I have received the results of our final assessment, We passed! With a few conditions, as there is usually six months to three years between the training and the assessment, Jeff and I need to complete and log a few more climbs before our registration is completed with the Australian Climbing Instructors Association (ACIA).

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